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QAD1: If I place an ad in a frame and it shows in the Videogram and then later in the carousel, is that counted once or twice?
It should be counted twice.

QAD2: What kind of ad can go into a Videogram?
A banner size of 4:3 is best for Videogram Native Ad Units. 16:9 also will work, but we put some bands on the ad. Since our system is responsive, we scale according to space available, so a large (640×480 pixel) but small file size display ad is best. Animated GIFs and JPEGS are our preferred images formats though we can support some others as well. We don’t support flash.


QAPP1: Do you have an App?
Yes, we have an App for Android and for iOS. They show the same content as found on videogram.com. Our iOS App has a super cool video camera feature; you can take clips, reorder them, connect them, and create your own personal Videogram.


QB1: Are views of Videogram on Videogram.com counted for billing?
If you have control of the Videogram in your account and if it can be monetized in PAID mode on Videogram.com then we would count it for billing. However, if we (or you) turn off the monetization on Videogram.com then we would not included it for billing.

QB2: Can I run Videogram in PAID mode in a particular Geography & FREE in a different one?
We have not yet implemented Zones and Targeting. They are on our roadmap. At present, the only Zone established is Worldwide. If you need a new Zone and want to target the same video as two different Videograms in different modes (PAID vs FREE) please contact Sales.

QB3: I have developers working on a page which embeds a Videogram for testing, can I block Videogram from counting that page in billing?
No, as we always count the servings of an embed wherever it resides. However the Videogram platform does not count the views within the Dashboard where your staff can see different formats, sizes, and customizations.

QB4: What do you charge for and how much?
For our PAID service where you control monetization, we charge for the use of the Videogram. We charge in credits and you purchase credits. There are discounts/bonus for credit purchase, so the more credits you purchase for use, the cheaper the use fee becomes.The use fee might be $1 or lower for one thousand servings of a Videogram.

QB5: What is CPM?
CPM means Cost Per Mille (thousand). It is a common term usually referring to 1,000 times that an online advertisement has been viewed. With Videogram, this is 1,000 times that that the Videogram has been served.QB6Are views of Videogram on the Dashboard counted for billing?No, we only count the views that are external.


QC1: Can I link my FB/Twitter/Email account & have a single-sign on?
We are currently working to support different ways to login. Currently, primary logins  via Facebook & Email are supported. You cannot yet merge the two logins; each one will have its own account. On request we can merge them.

QC2: Is a Videogram a summary of many videos?
A Videogram is a pictorial summary of just one video that tells the story of that video. However, we can ‘stitch’ videos together, but you would need to contact us at Sales.


QP1: Am I going to run into copyright problems if I use Videogram?
Absolutely no problems, if you own the video. Also, we make sure to take low resolution images so as to fall under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the US (DMCA). However when you create a Videogram through our Dashboard, it will either be in PAID or FREE mode and monetization is then possible. If you do not have rights to monetize the video, then you should get permission first from the owner of the Video.

QP2: Can anyone see a Videogram?
If you created the Videogram as Private, then only you can see it when you are logged in to the Dashboard or on Videogram.com. If it is created as Shared, then if you have the link, you can see the Videogram. If it is created as Public, then anyone who has the link can see it and we may also show it on Videogram.com

QP3: Can I batch process multiple Videograms?
Batch processing is not available from the Dashboard. However, you can reach out to us at Support and we can help you batch process your links.

QP4: Can I link my Youtube channel to Videogram and autogenerate Videograms as I upload to Youtube?
Yes, you can.  Just go to your Dashboard, create a Videogram channel, select it, select Youtube, authenticate to Youtube, and link your Youtube channel.

QP5: Can I look at all the reports of a Videogram from a mobile phone?
You can access our Publisher Dashboard from mobile, but it is optimized for desktops/tablets. Our product roadmap includes making the Publisher Dashboard responsive for mobile phones.

QP6: Can I send out the Videogram email to multiple people in our organization?
Yes. During the creation process, the system can only send out an email to one address. After the Videogram is created, from the Dashboard or the Videogram you can use the share functionality to send out to multiple email addresses.

QP7 : Can I set the time period for when I serve Videogram?
No, we don’t have this feature yet. You can test the video using our A/B feature to see how Videogram performs against a single keyframe video; you will need to contact us to have A/B testing enabled.

QP8: Do I have to upload my video to you?
No, we prefer you do not. We work with almost any video server. If you have one we are not integrated with already, just ask as at Support and we can fix that very quickly.
Supported video networks : Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion.
Supported external urls : Any public mp4 url like dropbox or a url of your own server where the video resides.

QP9: Do you support live streaming video?
Yes, but not through our Dashboard. You would need to contact us about our Videogram Live product.

QP10: Do you use the soundtrack or closed captions of a video when creating the Videogram?
Today, we do not use the soundtrack or closed captions. We look at image similarity, motion, color, clip duration, and what other people enjoy in the video. If you need soundtrack or closed captions as part of the calculation, please let us know at Sales.

QP11: How big can the file I upload to you be?
Theoretically it is unlimited, but our specialty is in the user interface, not the hosting and streaming. We recommend that you only upload videos if they are a few minutes. Else, it is better to have them hosted on a hosting/streaming service like YouTube or Ooyala. We can make the Videogram from wherever you have it hosted.

QP12: How do I get rid of an image in a frame that I don’t like?
When we generate the Videogram we pull more images than we will use. So, you can to the Dashboard to swap the image in a frame with one of the other unused images that we pulled for you.

QP13: How do I test Videogram?
The best way is to create a Shared Videogram that you can see through the Dashboard and embed on your test server.

QP14: How long does it take to make a Videogram?
Typically it takes between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, but a two hour movie might takes us 8-12 minutes. This is a one time process and is handled automatically by our Platform after you submit the request to us through the Dashboard. We will notify you via the email address you entered during the creation when the Videogram is ready and it will show up in your Dashboard.

QP15: I need to add my branding/logo on a Videogram, is that possible?
Yes, where you see the Videogram logo, we can change this to your logo with “powered by Videogram”. Please contact Sales.

QP16: If I share a Videogram keyframe to Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, where is the landing site where the viewer goes?
You can decide. If you placed the Embed code on your website and share from there, it will bring people back to your website; at this time you do need to give us notification so we can put settings in place. If you did not generate an Embed code and you still share, then we provide a special player page on Videogram.com. If the Videogram is in Shared mode, then viewers cannot navigate to it from Videogram.com If you embed your Videogram channel on your website using out Script Channel Embed, then users will return to your website.

QP17: If my Videogram is Shared or Public, can I make it private?
Yes, once the Videogram is private, all the sites where its embedded will show a message saying “Not enough permission to view”.

QP18: If the Video is behind a paywall, what do people see when I show a Videogram?
If the Videogram itself is behind the paywall, then it can only be watched if the viewer is logged in to the paywall. If it is placed in front of the paywall, like on some public website or in Twitter, then anyone can view the Videogram, but when they click to play they will get some message from the paywall’s video server preventing them from watching if they do not have access.

QP19: What is a Public Videogram?
A Public Videogram is like a Videogram in Shared mode, but we also include it on our public Videogram portal and in our App. If you want to publicize your video, this is the option for you. Only public videograms are shown in the search results on videogram.com.

QP20: What is the difference between Custom and Pro Embed?
The Videogram interfaces are different. Pro Embed is professionally optimized with two user interface levels; Discovery and Engagement. Custom Embed puts both Discovery and Engagement one user interface level which you can customize.

Works with Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Ooyala, Brightcove, Kaltura, and any other video platform.
Make a Videogram in minutes and embed anywhere.
Choose and switch your mode anytime: 1) Ad-Free 2) Revenue Share 3) Paid Service.
No Credit Card needed for Ad-Free or Revenue Share modes.

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