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Makes your video easier to understand and easier to find.
Viewers spend more time on your video and do more with it.
You learn what parts of the video your users want to watch, share, and talk about.
You make additional money from your video without destroying the user experience.


Responsive Design
The Videogram format automatically readjusts the number of frames according to screen size available. So, you publish once and deploy anywhere.
Works on any device
100% HTML5 means no client component is needed.
Video Server Agnostic
Any video server can be used means we don't interfere with copyright or any existing monetization you have.
Your viewers can select and choose from within the video the clips they love and share them to their favorite social network. Videograms show and can be played in Twitter feeds.


Higher CTR
Click Thru Rates from the thumbnail to the video jump from 25% to 40%–60% as users see images that interest them.
Longer Engagement
Your viewers spend twice as much time as they can replay and share their favorite clips.
More Viral
Your viewers can share in context and with ease a favorite clip, so they do.
More eCPM
You can make more revenue in addition to current ads by swapping a keyframe in Videogram with an ad; in line of sight of user, but not obtrusive.

On your Facebook timeline:

On your Pinterest board:

In your Twitter feed:

Add a whole new video section to your website including playlist with one simple Channel Embed tag!

Get higher Click Thru Rates. Save cost!

Channel Embed Example

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Videogram Auto Embed is one line of Javascript. When this script is inserted into any webpage or website, all embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, & Dailymotion are converted into Videogram embeds.

Videogram embed is responsive and can replace any size video embed on your site irrespective of web, mobile, console display, or smart tv.

The original embed will show the first time if the Videogram is being triggered for creation (10 min of video may take up to 2 min) but once a Videogram is created, the Videogram shows instantaneously on the next load of the page.

Click here to see sample sizes.


Make your Promotional Videos into Videograms and serve to Ad Networks.


Serve Ad Units of different dimensions. Broaden reach!

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Videogram Live is for live events such as sports games, fashion shows, and concerts.

An interactive visual DVR of the entire event in near real time in generated in Videogram format.

All Videogram features of commenting and sharing are available allowing a new way to highlight and increase the online audience of an active event.

We provide publishers Videogram native iOS and Android libraries, which can be integrated into their apps to showcase video in videogram format.

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Multi Channel Networks can have a white label of Videogram.com as their own destination site with their branding, channels, categories, and video content.

Build more community and increase revenue.


Works with Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Ooyala, Brightcove, Kaltura, and any other video platform.
Make a Videogram in minutes and embed anywhere.
Choose and switch your mode anytime: 1) Ad-Free 2) Revenue Share 3) Paid Service.
No Credit Card needed for Ad-Free or Revenue Share modes.

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